Flawsome is about taking something that is flawed and giving it value, about craftsmanship and integrated design. In between an infinite amount of products that promote style over substance, Flawsome can provide the luxury fashion design market with innovation through contact with the maker and the process that goes into making an object, not just its image. 

We essentially collect the leather off-cuts that manufacturers don't use and handstitch them into a canvas that becomes the fabric. All garments are made from leather waste and we exploit the flaws we find in scraps to help us generate a textile pattern, usually quite organic and inspired from the natural flaws that we see all around. 

We hardly ever make a final piece that looks like something drawn beforehand. The sketches are just a starting point, a mere guideline, but the natural flaws of the scraps often take our garments into a different direction ending up with a completely unexpected design inspired by the flaws and imprint of the material.

We aim to change the perception of flaws in the fashion industry because, depending on how one looks at them, they can be extremely inspiring and valuable. 

For example, the flaws of the animal skin - as this is our primary resource - it often has signs of having been pinned to a sofa frame or certain holes that stand as a witness of former fastenings, or even stretchmarks that come from the animal itself - this is what we look for when we choose the scraps to use - we pick the ones that have a sort of inbuilt memory you can work with and use in the design process.  Without it, our process would not be as inspiring and fulfilling.

Through this focus on the manufacturing process, we want to put the Maker back into the spotlight and emphasize the skills and craftsmanship that go into making our garments. You could say Transparency is our middle name and we wear it proudly!