The Big Pitch | or how flawsome was born

The Big Pitch 2017 win

Now when I look back I realise that Flawsome really started with The Big Pitch, the start-up competition at Anglia Ruskin University where I studied for my Master's Degree.

I had an idea about what I wanted to do with my Master's Project and I knew that I wanted to work with leather as the craftsmanship that goes into it is very personal to me, but I didn't know much more.

Once I heard about The Big Pitch, I started to create an idea that had leather as a focus but started to concentrate on market viability too. This is how I realised that there's a market gap within the industry where leather is concerned as consumer behaviour changes rapidly towards sustainability and ethics.

Winning the competition not only gave me funding for the start-up of Flawsome and got me Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 at Anlia Ruskin, but more importantly, it gave me the courage to make my sustainable fashion dream a reality. All the positive feedback I received by the end of the competition could only mean one thing: I could never let Flawsome go.

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